Values & Objectives


  1. Commitment to excellence
  2. Enhancing positive learning
  3. Developing professionalism
  4. Nurturing environmental sensitivity
  5. Creating team spirit
  6. Sensitizing towards unity in diversity
  7. Promoting traditional, cultural and social values
  8. Inculcating a feeling of national and international citizenship


  • To make student teachers understand the theories, principles and current trends in education to keep them in good stead in the new world scenario.
  • To enable the prospective teachers to develop an understanding of the latest methods, strategies and techniques of teaching and learning to meet the global needs of the society.
  • To develop teaching skills, soft skills, life skills, communication skills and technological skills in student teachers to mould new generation learners to meet the demands of the 21st century.
Access to the Disadvantaged
  • To prepare student teachers to cater to the needs of the disadvantaged and marginalized along with the other sections of the society.
  • To provide equal opportunities to all student teachers in various curricular and co-curricular activities of the institution irrespective of their caste, gender, and socio economic status and to enable the all-round development of their personality.
  • To develop leadership qualities in student teachers through various programmes.
  • To facilitate the all-round development of the personality of student teachers through various programmes.
Community orientation
  • To prepare the student teachers to act as a support system for and contribute effectively for community development.
National development
  • To help student teachers develop maximum potential to serve the nation better.
  • To instill patriotism and religious tolerance among student teachers to act as responsible citizens of the country.
Issue of ecology and environment
  • To inculcate in student teachers an idea of preservation and conservation of the environment for Sustainable Development.
Value orientation
  • To inculcate positive values and right attitudes in prospective teachers so that they become ideal teachers in any part of the world.
  • To facilitate the development of all the requisite skills in student teachers to become efficient teachers of the society.
Global trends and demands
  • To facilitate faster, innovative and responsible integration of technology in education.
  • To develop a feeling of brotherhood to meet the global challenges as future teachers.
  • To prepare student teachers to develop all the necessary skills required in a global situation.
  • To prepare student teachers to develop all the necessary skills required in varied situations.
Social Development
  • To prepare student teachers to become socially responsible and also mould the future generations.
Cultural Development
  • To enable student teachers to be able to preserve our culture and to propagate it to the rest of the world.
Aesthetic Development
  • To inculcate a sense of aesthetics among student teachers so as to make them appreciate various literary and art forms.