Clubs & Associations

Parent Teacher Association

Parent –Teacher Association assists the faculty and the management for the smooth functioning of the college. The general body of the association shall comprise all the members of the teaching faculty. The executive committee is constituted by Principal , Vice- President, Secretary, three teaching staff and three parent representatives.

Alumni Association

Alumni association of the college functions as link between the college and the former students. It provides a platform for them to contact, contribute in the prospects of the college and offer their suggestions and expertise for the development of the college.

Scholarships & Endowment

PTA Scholarship
  • Topper in B. Ed Examination and toppers in all subjects
  • Award For The Best Outgoing Student
Alumni Scholarship
  • Second topper in the B. Ed Examination

Science Club

Arts Club

Arts club organizes cultural activities to promote the artistic, literary, cultural and aesthetic talents of the students. Arts festivals, competitions and weekly association programmes are organized to nourish the talents of the students. Winners of these competitions take part in the intercollegiate and University level competitions.

Magazine Editorial Board

Every year the college brings out a college magazine depicting the important activities of the college during the academic year along with the literary contributions of students. An editorial board is constituted for this purpose taking student representatives from all the subjects led by the magazine editor, under the guidance and supervision of the staff editor.

Subject Associations

Malayalam, English, Hindi, Social Science, Mathematics, Physical Science & Natural Science associations function in this college under the direct supervision & guidance of the concerned optional teacher and an elected secretary. The programmes organised by the subject associations are instrumental in grooming the innate potentials of students and enable them to develop leadership skills and co-operative learning skills.

Women's Club

To foster and support the professional and personal development of girl students and women faculty, a women’s club is functioning in the college. The women’s club organizes awareness programmes and counselling services to female learners.

Extension committee

The extension committee organizes various community extension programmes to inculcate social values among student teachers. Some of the prominent extension programmes effectively carried out by the college are “Coin a Day Programme” – A collection of daily “Dakshina” to the poor in the society, “Santhwanam”- helping the poor and providing study materials for the school children.

Nature Club

A nature club is set up in the college to promote environmental awareness and love for nature. The club organizes programmes targetting the development of positive attitude towards nature which will make the students sensitive to the burning issues related to preservation of nature and ecological balance.

Talent Scan

An efficient teacher is a talented performer and an effective communicator. Skillful exposition of inherent talents of student teachers is expected so as to develop self concept and to inculcate confidence in them. Every student teacher gets a platform to show case the talents he / she possess and opportunities will be provided to the students every week for the purpose.

Anti-Ragging Committe

An anti- ragging committee is constituted in the college which strictly prohibits ragging of any kind within the premises of the college.

Tutorial System

A group of 8 plus students will be assigned to a teacher who will be a tutor in charge of the group. Each group tutor will monitor the progress of the students under his/her charge. Tutorial group meetings will be held once in every week.

Guidance and Counselling Cell

Guidance and counselling services are provided to the needy students for enhancing their academic pursuits as well as promoting mental health. Qualified Faculty cater to the needs of the students in this regard.

Placement Bureau

A Placement Bureau functions in the college for intimating students of the college regarding job opportunities in various educational institutions and to arrange for campus interviews.

Grievance Redressal Cell

Students can give written complaint to this cell directly or can be put into the grievance box if they have any specific grievance or issue to be resolved. The complaints will be dealt with immediately and the committee under this cell would take necessary measures at the earliest. In case of any caste discrimination faced by SC/ST students, they can also register a complaint in the College Web site. To register complaint. Click Here

Thought for the day & Book Review

The routine work of the college starts with prayer followed by thought for the day, News paper reading & a book review.

College Assembly

Every Wednesday, the college starts functioning after an assembly. All students actively participate in the conduct of the assembly. Principal’s address, presentation of news etc. are the special features of assembly.

Institutional Distinctiveness

N.S.S.Training college ,Changanacherry is one of the pioneer educational institution which started functioning in 1954 under the management of Nair Service Society, a registered charitable society founded in the year 1914 by late Mannath Padmanabhan,the legendary,social reformer,educationist and visionary. The institution is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University ,Kottayam.
.Our founder has realized the significance of education as the growth of any community for that he approached the wealthy class to collect money to commence educational institution and persuaded people to donate land for the purpose. The vision of our founder to serve the downtrodden of the society and empower the weaker and marginalized people in the community is put in to practice by our institution through these programmes.We believe that these activities act as a catalyst in empowering the student teachers to lead the community as well as to serve the community.

Areas of Distinctiveness
  • The college has developed a clear vision, viz, ‘Vidya Viniyogaath Vikas’ the meaning of which is progress results from proper application of knowledge. Being a teacher education institution, the student teachers of our institution are provided with a wide variety of activities to gain knowledge and apply it appropriately. They become future teachers to prepare school students and to serve the nation as ideal citizens. Thus the vision is clearly put in to practice in our institution.
  • Activities such as ACADP, "A Coin a Day for the Poor"
  • Teaching Empowerment Programme (TEP) supply of teaching aids to schools in the campus.
  • Learning Empowerment Programme (LEP) supply of learning aids like note books, instrument boxes to economically backward students of the model school .
  • ‘Santhwanam’-visiting Orphange and old age home, supply food,clothing,learning materials and donations, conducting classes and cultural programmes at the orphanages.
  • ’Pothicor”-Noonmeal programme for the poor in the street .

ACADP - "A Coin a Day for the Poor"

ACADP, "A Coin a Day for the Poor" programme to help the poor people of the society by generating a fund through the daily contribution from students and staff which helps the pupil to think and save for the weaker and socially deprived people of the society. The amount collected through this is donated to the weaker section of the society every year.

  • To help the downtrodden of the society
  • To make the student teachers act as social engineers
  • To instill in the mind of student teachers a spirit of social commitment
  • To train them as good citizens

LEP- Learning Empowerment Programme

Learning Empowerment Programme (LEP) supply of learning aids like note books, instrument boxes to economically backward students of the model school. Conducting quiz competitions involving students of neighboring schools and rewarding the winners with cash prizes and certificates.

  • To help the economically backward students of model school
  • To motivate the school students
  • To give practice for the student teachers how to organize a programme